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Product Maintenance Support

In order to provide support for commercial grade Web and Software products, software companies must create dedicated product support teams that can quickly respond to a customer's situation and deliver comprehensive product support solutions. Suffix IT enables its clients to focus primarily on their core initiatives by providing reliable, high-quality Web and Software product support and product maintenance services to their end customers.

For most product managers, the day their product is actually released into the market is end of product development activity. In fact, product release isn’t the end; it’s usually the start of a long maintenance and upgrade cycle. Once a product is out in the market, managers need to begin thinking about how to incorporate the feedback they receive into the next version of the product, to improve usability, user-friendliness, features and overall value.

24x7 Product Support & Maintenance
  • Early product support and maintenance planning
  • 24x7 Customer support
  • Premier enhanced application management
  • Expertise in legacy application maintenance, 
    software product maintenance, database and 
    data warehouse support, and web site and 
    e-commerce maintenance
Level II and III Product Support
  • Remote and on-site product support
  • Reactive and proactive product support
  • Response time driven product support
  • Troubleshooting and continuing product 
  • Maintenance and support for legacy application,
    software products, databases and data warehouses
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